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Resource Links to locate information concerning Medicare, HIPAA, Electronic Claims, Electronic Statements, NPI, and integrated products useful to EDImis, Inc. medical billing software customers.

Medcom. Offers a variety of "sister products" designed to integrate with your EDImis software that will take you beyond billing. Emirj offers an integrated electronic medical record, appointment scheduling, and complete laboratory information systems. The partnership of Emirj and EDImis can eliminate double entry of data and the entire charge posting process from either the electronic medical record or the laboratory information system.

WebMedicPro. WebMedicPro, developer of WebMedicPro ePCR software for use by EMS professionals, has partnered with EDImIs Ambulance Billing Software to provide total integration of their systems.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Visit the official site to get the most up to date information from CMS, including media stories, HIPAA, coding reference materials and hot topics.

National Provider ID Number. Every physician is required to apply for a National Provider ID. Apply online here.

Envoy/WebMD Payer List Search: The most current information on carriers participating in the Envoy/WebMD payer system is located here. Once at the site simply select "Claim Payers" enter the carrier name and click "Search." The system will list all carriers with matching names and their addresses and Payer Identification Numbers also.

Express Bill. Sending patient statements electronically is both cost and time efficient. EDImis, Inc. is partnered with Express Bill, the nation's largest statement processor. Enjoy full color professional printing, automatic address updates from the USPS, return envelopes, and more. Stop paying staff to print, stuff, lick, seal, sort, and stamp. Express Bill reduces the process to the equivalent of an electronic claims submission. You'll save money, reduce phone calls, send higher quality statements, and collect more money!


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