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What makes the Anesthesia Manager different?
ria Manager is a complete anesthesia billing and practice management software package that
Anesthesia claims present unique challenges. The Anesthesia Manager is dedicated software that presents all the required information in two very intuitive and easy to learn windows. Some of the most significant features are:

Patients are registered with an account that can contain multiple dates of service

CPT / ASA Crosswalk allows the staff to enter a single code and the system can file the appropriate code for the appropriate carriers.

Staff enters only the starting and ending times – the times are used to calculate minutes, minutes are converted to Time Units, Time Units are added to Base Units to Calculate Total Units which are used to calculate the Total Charge.

Ability to bill bonus units or half units for “Stand By Time” and to report “Stand By” begin and end times separately from procedure begin and end times.

Standard Features Include:

True HIPAA compliant filing of anesthesia claims (many compliant software packages are only approved for medical claims.)

Direct filing of Medicare Claims - No Clearing House hassles... No clearing house fees

FREE Electronic claims processing to 500 commercial carriers available through the Envoy/NEIC network.

Full patient demographic tracking

Simplified Charge Entry processes

Payment processing, with automated filing of secondary claims

Full financial reporting module, including export of financial and demographic data to Microsoft Access for custom reporting and analysis.

Accounts Receivable tracking and reporting with the capability to analyze patient due and insurance pending accounts independently.

Automatic re-filing of unpaid claims at 60 and 90-day intervals.

Patient Statements can be sent electronically or printed in house on 1 of 3 standard forms available from any major forms supplier.

Complete account history on a single screen, including procedure history, the dates of claims filings, payment history, and account balances and aging status.

Unlimited patient memo recall collection and information conversations.
Optional Features Include:

Automated Medicare payment posting of the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
Electronic Patient Statements sent electronically through Express Bill.

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