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Step 4: Time Units are calculated, added to Base Units...

When the Additional Information window is saved the following has occurred.

The 143 minutes has been converted to 10 time units.
The Units column has been updated to include the time units.
The per-unit fee has been multiplied by the calculated unit total, and the total charge has been automatically calculated and displayed.
At this point, the cursor is already positioned in the Modifier field so that the appropriate modifier can be entered.
This claim is ready to save and can be filed either electronically or on paper with all the necessary information.


The automated features that calculate minutes, total units, and total charges; along with the associated cross walk for ASA to CPT codes and facility tracking, are all designed to reduce the possibility of keying errors during the data entry process. Reducing data entry errors means fewer rejected and incomplete claims which ultimately leads to higher collection percentages. The simplified process will also free up staff time that can be used to work outstanding collections and unpaid claims. We believe our software will allow your staff to work smarter not harder.

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