As of April 20, 2005 the Edimis Practice Management system is HIPAA compliant with:




All Transaction and Code Set Requirements. Specifically ANSI code sets 837, 835, 997, and 277 that govern the communication of Protected Healthcare information with outside parties.

The data files in which Protected Healthcare Information are stored are in a binary format that prevents them from being viewed with a text editor
The Security Guideline that requires that each employee have a unique user login and password.

The Security Guideline that requires the software to maintain a log of each employee's activity as they view and edit patient account information. The system time stamps all of the activities of each employee as they open, edit, post transactions, and generate either paper or electronic claims.
There is much more to compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules than the functionality of the software running in the office. Our software can be a valuable part of that compliance strategy.



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