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Step 2: Post the run...

The information about today’s run is posted in the Charge Entry screen.

There is ample room for the modifiers required by Medicare.

The run number has been keyed into the procedure description on the first line item, which can be referenced in the electronic ledger card window.

The software calculates the charge for mileage by multiplying the miles by the per mile fee.

By creating a single account for the patient and posting all of that patient’s runs to the account; it is easier to post runs, track payments, and correct insurance information when it needs to be updated on previous runs.

The system is capable of maintaining up to 9 cross referenced pricing tables. This will enable the system to correctly price a run for Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial carriers based on the patient’s active insurance card.

Information on all runs can be exported to Microsoft Access; allowing you to automatically fill out any state forms that are required for each run. If you are not familiar with Access programming, we can create those automated forms for you.

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