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With many billing systems, you have to print a report, manually review it, and identify troubled accounts. The EDImis, Inc. Practice Management System works your aged accounts automatically using a software utility called the 60 day flag. The 60 day flag checks all outstanding charges and flags a claim that is 60 days old. The flagged account is automatically re-filed, which is documented in the patient's ledger card. If a flagged claim becomes 90 days old, the system automatically changes the billing status on the charge, shifting responsibility to the patient.

When used regularly, the 60 day flag utility ensures that no charge is outstanding more than 90 days without involving the patient. When the patient must become involved, the Practice Management System is prepared to deal with that, too. Each patient is different, and has different financial needs. Customizing accounts is as easy as a mouse click.

  • No Patient Statements
  • No Dunning Messages
  • Budget Account and Monthly Payments
  • Custom Patient Statement Messages

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