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Multitasking capability is one of the features that sets EdImis Practice Management System apart from the others. We realize that phones ring, questions arise, and interruptions are frequent in today's office environment. Multitasking is the answer. An operator can work in multiple information cards and other windows without becoming overwhelmed or disoriented. Here is an example of Multitasking at work...

1. YOU are entering information from Jane Smith. Janet Doe calls with the good news that her Medicaid has been approved and is retroactive to her last visit.

2. You pull up Janet's Information Card without losing your place in Jane's.

3. You pull up Janet's insurance cards and add Medicaid as the primary.

4. You then pull Janet's last visit up in the charge entry screen and mark "Bill Insurance". Since you are updating an earlier visit, the existing charge screen pops up.

5. You instruct Practice Management to assign this charge to the current carrier (Medicaid), send a claim to Medicaid, and resubmit the charge into the electronic Queue.

Now you are ready to pick right back up with Jane where you left off. The entire process took less than 30 seconds and the claim was resubmitted under the new insurance!


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