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In less than two weeks, you have received the first payment on a new patients claim. You open the Information Card, select Payment Entry, and are immediately taken to the Payment Entry Screen. The payment left a balance of $12.35 which needs to be billed to a secondary carrier. With the Practice Management System, this is automatic. In fact, you can setup the software so that the secondary claim prints as soon as you save the primary payment. Make a copy of the EOB already in your hands, attach to the claim form, and your secondary is as good as filed. If the secondary carrier accepts electronic claims, the secondary is moved to the electronic billing queue.

The system will automatically post your Medicare and Medicaid remittance advice. Instead of manually posting those payments and adjustments, you download the explanation of benefits from the carrier and the ERA module will post the payment and adjustments to each patient's account. This will give your staff more time to work accounts receivable and patient collections.

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