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Our tour begins as a new patient enters the office. Since this is her first visit, all of her demographic information must be entered into the practice management system. One of the things that sets EDImis software apart from the others is the Patient Information Card. All information relevant to the patient is entered on one simple screen. Demographics, insurance cards, billing history, current and past charge history, payments, employee information, and even custom notes can all be found in the information card...

Being windows based is important... it's an environment that job applicants as well as current employees are likely to be familiar with. Using technology that most users are comfortable with cuts down on the expensive training necessary with UNIX and other non-windows systems.

The straightforward design of the Information Card allows quick entry of the patients information. On average, this information can be completed in under two minutes. And in today's move to paperless charting, the efficiency can start right here!

At EDImis we understand that it takes time to memorize codes and abbreviations, and even more time to look them up. That is why we utilize drop-down lists and search windows as much as possible.

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